This page contains a listing of suppliers and other resources that may be helpful to teams as they work on their projects. If you want to recommend a company that is not on this list or report a link that is broken or incorrect, let us know by sending an email.

Teams should avoid purchasing items from eBay and from suppliers outside of the United States. These vendors are not preferred due to long lead times, excessive shipping costs, frequently defective items, etc. If purchasing from such suppliers is necessary, you must have your faculty advisor’s approval.

This list contains only recommendations and is not intended as an endorsement of any particular company’s products or services.

General Industrial Suppliers

The following companies have large catalogs with an extensive selection of components, fasteners, raw materials, tools, equipment, etc. Companies marked with a (*) have local retail stores which stock some of their catalog items. Most teams find that McMaster-Carr is the best source for project parts.

General Electronics & Electrical Equipment Suppliers

The following companies have large catalogs with an extensive selection of electronic components and related items.

Retail Stores

The following are local retail stores that stock materials and supplies useful for projects.

  • Elliott’s Hardware
    Wide selection of electrical, plumbing, and general hardware items plus tools. Their inventory of screws, nuts, bolts, etc., as well as small specialty components, such as clips, springs, etc. is much larger than Home Depot’s or Lowe’s. Closest location to campus is 2300 Coit Rd., Plano.
  • Home Depot
    Closest location to campus is 2220 N. Coit Rd., Richardson
  • Lowe’s
    Closest locations to campus are 501 South Plano Road, Richardson and 19210 Preston Road, Dallas.

Mechanical Components

  • 80/20 Inc.
    Aluminum framing system. Not compatible with Unistrut components. Sold locally by Shepherd Controls
  • Unist
    Framing system available in multiple materials. Not compatible with 80/20 components.
  • Tnutz
    Alternative supplier for 80/20 compatible components.
  • Berg
    Precision mechanical parts such as gears, cams, sprockets, pulleys, belts, roller chains, bearings, lead screws, etc.
  • Timken
    Bearings, seals, power transmission products, motion control systems, etc.
  • Bimba
    Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators, air preparation, and motion control products
  • Parker
    Components and systems for control of motion and fluid flow such as pneumatic actuators, fittings, valves, pumps, seals, etc.
  • Swagelok
    Tubing and tube fittings utilizing a specialized compression connection. Also supplies hose and pipe components and fittings. Sold locally by Texas Valve and Fitting.
  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions
    Tubing, pipe, hose, valves, pumps, and other fluid handling components. Good selection of plastic components.
  • ASCO
    Electrically operated (solenoid) valves.
  • Versa Valves
    Actuated valves for pneumatics and hydraulics.

Electrical Components, Instrumentation, and Sensors

  • Express PCB
    PCB manufacturing services. Free design software available.
  • OSH Park
    PCB manufacturing services.
  • Suntronic
    PCB assembly services. Contact: Janet Tomor
  • RobotShop
    Personal and professional robot technology
  • National Instruments
    Data acquisition and automation hardware and software
  • Omega
    Instrumentation for measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity. They also have data acquisition and electric heating products. Website includes extensive reference material and technical tutorials.
  • PCB Piezotronics
    Accelerometers, load cells, torque sensors, microphones, pressure transmitters, etc.
  • Watlow
    Industrial heaters, temperature sensors, and controllers as well as assemblies. Sold locally by Southwest Heater & Controls

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Metal Supermarkets
    Local supplier of small quantity metals. Products available on a walk-in basis. They provide good advice and recommendations and are happy to assist teams. Contact: Christine Broadfoot; (972) 422-5167.
  • Professional Plastics
    Various types and shapes of plastic
  • ePlastics
    Various types and shapes of plastic
  • Trident
    Common and hard to find metals

Machine/Fabrication Shops

  • Heavy Metal
    General machine shop. Address: 405 S. Kirby St, Garland. Contact: Ross Mills (972) 494-5956
  • Texas Tool & Die
    Machining, welding, and metal fabrication
    Piping, welding, and general mechanical fabrication
  • Texas Pro Fab
    Sheet metal fabricator
  • eMachineShop
    Fabrication shop with online pricing on ordering. Includes traditional metalworking capabilities as well as various other manufacturing process such as waterjet cutting, wire EDM, and plastic injection molding. Website has a section with extensive manufacturing reference material.

3D Printing

The following companies provide 3D printing services using a variety of different materials and technologies.

Engineering Resources

  • Fasteners
    PDF document. Comprehensive reference covering threads, various types of threaded fasteners, and proper identification of these items on engineering drawings.
  • O-Rings
    PDF document. Reference on selection, design, and engineering of o-ring seals for static and dynamic sealing applications.