Open Lab

The UTDesign Studio open lab offers the Johnson School of Engineering and Computer Science students with 15,000 square feet of open space where they can put their ideas and creativity to work.

It houses the working space for the capstone projects for Computer Science, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Departments. It also makes space for student organizations, EPICS and the UTDesign Makerspace.

The open lab is available to the students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students enrolled in any ECS senior design course and EPICS will be granted access to it through a card reader. BMEN, ECE, and ME student will get the card activated once they pass a set of on-line training courses.

The open lab has 81 working stations, all of them equipped with a thin client computer. Some are already prepared with a Digital Multimeter, an O-scope, a power supply, and a function generator. If more equipment is needed, the machine shop manager will be able to assist the team.

Each team gets access to a working station for the duration of their project. As the teams are in need of using a working space, they should contact the machine shop manager who will assign a table to them.

The open lab also counts with a soldering station, 3D printers, a CAD station (Call 972-883-2911 or send an email request to [email protected]), and plenty of locker space.

All hand tools are available and must be returned after each use, not later than the end of each day.