Printing / Plotting / Photocopying / Scanning / Faxing

Printing, scanning and faxing are available in SPN 1.203.


The HP desktop printers are not available to guests. If needed, please contact UTDesign staff.

SPNHPLaserJet and SPNHPColor1 can be used by students

  • Manual duplex for SPNHPLaserJet and auto duplex for SPNHPColor1
  • Letter size (tray 2) or tabloid size paper (tray 3, available on SPNHPLaserJet)
  • Located in SPN 1.203
  • Cost of printing: 4 cents black and white, 15 cents color print
  • Each print counts toward $10 ECS limit

Connecting to printers:

  1. Login to CometNet.
  2. Locate printer by entering the following in the search box of the Windows start menu.

  1. Type \\engprint\SPNHPLaserJet or \\engprint\SPNHPColor1.
  2. The printer will install.

HP Plotter

Faculty and staff can use the plotter only upon request for a fee (please contact Nancy Finch for a quote).

For students

  • Maximum page width is 42.36″ on rolled paper
  • Poster file must be submitted to course director for approval prior to printing


  • Photocopying is not available for students.
  • Alternatively, everyone may scan documents to an email address.


  • Scanning setup on the Konica photocopier:
    • Select Addr. Reg. to be added to the address book.
    • Select New.
    • Enter Address Type as email.
    • Enter name for the address book.
    • Enter email address.
    • Select Register (will show Address Registration Completed).
    • Select your name from the address book (must do this each time you scan)

Scanning on the Konica photocopier

  • Place documents face up in the document feeder or face down on the glass.
  • Select your name from the address book.
  • Enter subject line for the email (optional).
  • Press “Start” to begin scan.
  • For 2-side to 2-side copying, the copier removes blank pages.


  • Seek assistance from the UTDesign staff.
  • Faxing is unlimited.

For additional assistance on any of the equipment, contact UTDesign staff.