The March Tech Titans Industry Series, sponsored by UTDesign, featured Dr. Stephanie G. Adams, Dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Adams presented “Transforming engineering: Industry’s role in improving the landscape”. Dr. Adams’ presentation focused on the need for educators to reexamine engineering education to adapt to trends and transform educational approaches to continue on par with technological trends. Dr. Adams stressed that the focus on engineering education should be created to prepare students for the world they will inherit and lead, not the world that exists today.

The presentation concluded with solutions to innovative engineering education, one of which is exemplified by the UTDesign Capstone program. The UTDesign Capstone program encourages creativity in problem solving for modern engineering solutions. Engineering and Computer Science students at The University of Texas at Dallas dedicate themselves to an engineering problem that they are given creative freedom to solve over the course of one or two semesters. The implementation of such a program addresses an issue that Dr. Adams identified within engineering education: a lack of encouraged creativity.